Posted by: happyfan08 | January 20, 2009

2008 Awards: Best Team Event Moment

Pinx Cup:  The snows came and they played for fun


Each year, the best women golfers from Korea and the best from Japan meet in a team tournament to earn bragging rights for the following year.  The event is known by various names, but most commonly is called the Pinx Cup.  Throughout most of the decade, the Koreans have been dominating this event, but lately the tide has turned.  Two years ago, they were only able to play one round of golf before snow canceled the other one.  The event was tied when the cancellation came, so an official tie was recorded.  In 2007, the event was once again tied after regulation, this time after two rounds were completed.  The Koreans lost in a playoff, however.


So coming into the 2008 edition, it had been several years since the Koreans had last won the trophy, and they were hungry to do it again.  But playing a golf event in December in Korea is always a dicey proposition, and this year was no different.  The course was buried in several inches of snow, and though the grounds crew tried their best, they were not able to dig out enough of the course to allow the tournament to occur.  For the first time, the Pinx Cup was completely canceled.


Round one of the Pinx Cup was canceled by snow


But they did manage to clear (sort of) the nine holes on the back nine, and the two teams decided to treat the fans who had shown up to an ‘unofficial’ Pinx Cup match up.  The two teams contested 12 singles matches of nine holes each.  Due to the way this came about, the match up was far looser than it normally would be, with plenty of laughs to go along with the golf.  But it gave the loyal fans a chance to see the great stars in action.  In the end, the Koreans ‘won’ this event 15-9, with 7 matches won, one tie and four losses.  But everyone was a winner, as all the golfers went out of the way to play in the tough conditions, in the process embodying the spirit of the event as well as any teams before them.




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