Posted by: happyfan08 | May 22, 2009

KLPGA Doosan Match Play Round of 32

The second round of the Match Play Championship is over, and a curious number of name players went down to defeat.  But how did the top stars do?  Without ado, let’s find out!

Quarter 1
Hee Kyung Seo and Bo Kyung Kim are the big names in this quarter.  Seo was battling it out with the #32 player, Min Sun Kim 2, and frankly, she was getting pummeled.  In fact, after ten holes, Seo was four down and on the fast track to an early exit.

But Seo didn’t become the #1 player on tour because she gives up easily.  Her opponent bogied on hole 11, then Seo birdied 12 to cut the lead to 2.  Two more bogies by Kim, and things were all square.  But then Seo bogied 15 to again fall one down, only to see Kim bogey 16 to square the match again.  In the end, they were square after 18, and had to play an extra hole to decide things.  Seo won that hole, and barely, barely, squeaked through to the round of 16.

Hee Kyung Seo

Hee Kyung Seo

#8 Bo Kyung Kim had an easier time of it, dispatching #40 Da Na Kang 3 & 1.  But #24 Young Ran Jo fell victim to #9 Chae Young Yoon 2 up, and #17 Ji Na Lim lost to #16 Hye Jin Jong 2 & 1.

Main results:
#1 Hee Kyung Seo def. #32 Min Sun Kim 2 in 19 holes (next: #16 Hye Jin Jung)
#8 Bo Kyung Kim def. #40 Da Na Kang 3 & 1 (next: #9 Chae Young Yoon)

(The winners of the next two matches face each other)

Quarter 2
The marquee match of the tournament so far came in this section, with 18 year old superstar So Yeon Ryu going against 17 year old budding star and long bomber Soo Jin Yang.  Ryu quickly established a 4 up lead on Yang, and it looked like it would be all over without much fuss.  But Ryu blew it on 11 and 12, giving both holes away to cut the lead to 2.  Yang birdied 15, and the lead was one.  Then Ryu bogied 17, and just like that they were all square.  This match also required extra innings, but in the end, Ryu triumphed, besting Yang in 19 holes.

So Yeon Ryu vs. Soo Jin Yang

So Yeon Ryu vs. Soo Jin Yang

The other big name in this section, Sun Ju Ahn, faced Bo Mi Lee.  It was a close match as well, with Lee taking the lead 1 up at the turn.  Lee then bogied two straight, and Ahn took over the lead.  When Ahn birdied 13, she took a 2 up lead, and maintained that til the end, winning 2 & 1.

Sun Ju Ahn

Sun Ju Ahn

In other action, #20 Soo Young Moon (a former LPGA player) lost to #13 Sul Ah Yoon 2 up, while another rookie star, #44 Shin Ae Ahn, beat #12 Hyun Ji Kim 2 & 1.

#4 Sun Ju Ahn def. #29 Bo Mi Lee 2 & 1 (next: #13 Sul Ah Yoon)
#5 So Yeon Ryu def. #37 Soo Jin Yang in 19 holes (next: #44 Shin Ae Ahn)

Quarter 3
Ran Hong had a tough test against Jung Eun Lee 5, a player who has won on tour this year.  Hong carved out a slim lead, but a late birdie by Lee forced extra holes here as well.  In the end, Hong won in 19 holes.

The upsets continued to come in this section, which has already seen #2 Ha Neul Kim lose.  #50 Anna Oh defeated #18 (and former LPGA player) Hyun Hee Moon 4 & 3, while #42 Min Ji Nam defeated #10 Ae Ri Pyun. 

#7 Ran Hong def. #26 Jung Eun Lee 5 19 holes (next: #42 Min Ji Nam)
The other match will feature #63 Hyun Joo Lee (who beat Ha Neul Kim) vs. #50 Anna Oh.

Quarter 4
On paper, He Yong Choi had a tough match against #30 Hye In Lee, who recently contended at the Korean Women’s Open.  But Lee struggled, at one point making four straight bogies, and Choi walked off with an easy 3 & 2 win. 

He Yong Choi

He Yong Choi

#6 Hye Youn Kim had a tougher time against #27 Son Wook Lim, but she, too, won her match to advance.  The other winners were #14 Jang Hee Lee, who won a 23 hole marathon over #19 Ji Hye Jang, while #54 rookie Soo Hwa Jang beat #22 Il Hee Lee 3 & 2

#3 He Yong Choi def. #30 Hye In Lee 3 & 2 (next: #19 Ji Hye Jang)
#6 Hye Youn Kim def. #27 Son Wook Lim 1 up (next: #54 Soo Hwa Jang)

So, in conclusion, a number of the well known second tier players bit the dust in this round, but all seven of the remaining top 8 players advanced to the round of 16.  On Saturday we will whittle the field down from 16 to 4, so at least a few more big names will fall.


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