Posted by: happyfan08 | June 17, 2009

KLPGA: S-OIL Champions Invitational rd 1

This week’s event on the KLPGA tour is the S-OIL Championship.  It is the last event before the tour takes its mid-summer break, resuming action in mid-August.  The defending champion is Hye Youn Kim, the ‘forgotten’ rookie star of 2008, who finished 3rd behind He Yong Choi and So Yeon Ryu in the rookie standings.

Most of the attention was focused, understandably, on the top two players on tour in 2009, Hee Kyung Seo and So Yeon Ryu.  Seo started out the year dominating the proceedings, but in the past few weeks she has struggled while Ryu has won two of the past three tournaments.

But neither of those two stars had a particularly strong first round.  Ryu struggled at around par most of the day before two late bogies knocked her down to 2 over. 

Seo started out disastrously and was 4 over at the turn.  She then made four straight birdies, and climbed back to even, but finished her day with two straight bogies to also finish at 2 over.

Hee Kyung Seo

Hee Kyung Seo

Stepping into the gap was the quiet superstar, Sun Ju Ahn.  Though she has only won once this year, she has contended often, and this week she shot a 68 in round one to take the lead all by herself.

Sun Ju Ahn

Sun Ju Ahn

Among those a shot back are He Yong Choi.  Last year’s top rookie has struggled for the most part in 2009, but a first round 69 puts her in prime contention.

He Yong Choi

He Yong Choi

Among those at 2 under is this year’s top rookie, Soo Jin Yang.  The 17 year old was at one point at 5 under, thanks to early birdies and an eagle.  She’s still in prime position despite a bad back nine.

Soo Jin Yang

Soo Jin Yang

Two more days to go!

1. Sun Ju Ahn 68 -4
2. Sul Ah Yoon 69 -3
Hye Jung Kim 69 -3
Soo Hwa Jang (R) 69 -3
He Yong Choi 69 -3

6. Ji Na Lim 70 -2
Soo Jin Yang (R) 70 -2
13. Bo Kyung Kim 71 -1
Bobea Park 71 -1
Hye Youn Kim 71 -1
25. Bo Mi Lee 73 +1
Hae Jung Kim 73 +1
Hye In Lee 73 +1
38. Hyun Joo Lee 74 +2
Hyun Hee Moon 74 +2
Seon Hwa Lee 2 (R) 74 +2
Hee Kyung Seo 74 +2
So Yeon Ryu 74 +2
Shin Ae Ahn (R) 74 +2
Soo Young Moon 74 +2
53. Ha Neul Kim 75 +3
Ran Hong 75 +3
85. Chae Ah Oh 78 +6
95. Il Hee Lee 79 +7
106. Aram Cho 83 +11


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