Posted by: happyfan08 | September 4, 2009

KLPGA: KB Star Tour #2 Rd 1

This week the KLPGA is contesting the second of three KB Star tour events on the schedule.  The event runs from Spetember 4 – 6th.  The course is a par 73 thanks to a (rare) par 6 hole, the ninth.

As usual, the focus of attention as round one started was on the two top players on tour, So Yeon Ryu and Hee Kyung Seo.  This time, the powers that be decided to pair the two stars together in round one for added excitement.

Both players had good days, with Seo coming out with the better score.  Hee Kyung shot a 4 under par 69, while Ryu produced a 70.  Both are in the top 15, but neither is in the lead.

Hee Kyung Seo and So Yeon Ryu

Hee Kyung Seo and So Yeon Ryu

The leader after round one is relatively unknown golfer Min Ji Song.  She shot a 6 under par 67, six birdies and no bogies. 

Min Ji Song

Min Ji Song

Right behind her are two top players, Soo Young Moon and Sun Ju Ahn.  Sun Ju in particular has been playing well all year, and is probably a win or two away from seizing control of the Player of the Year race.  Seo and Ryu had better watch their backs!

Among other notable players, Ha Neul Kim had a good start with a 70, tied for 11th.  Super rookie Soo Jin Yang shot a 2 under par 71.

Soo Jin Yang booms another drive

Soo Jin Yang booms another drive

Two more rounds to go!

1. Min Ji Song 67 -6
2. Sun Ju Ahn 68 -5
Soo Young Moon 68 -5
4. Yoo Jin Choi 69 -4
Son Wook Lim 69 -4
Jang Hye Lee 69 -4
Shin Ae Ahn (R) 69 -4
Bo Kyung Kim 69 -4
Hee Kyung Seo 69 -4
Sul Ah Yoon 69 -4

11. Ha Neul Kim 70 -3
Ran Hong 70 -3
So Yeon Ryu 70 -3
26. Bobea Park 71 -2
Ji Na Lim 71 -2
Soo Jin Yang (R) 71 -2
38. Young Ran Jo 72 -1
Seon Hwa Lee 2 (R) 72 -1
Hye Youn Kim 72 -1
Hye In Lee 72 -1
53. Bo Mee Lee 73 Even
Aram Cho 73 Even
72. Hyun Hee Moon 75 +2
He Yong Choi 75 +2

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