Posted by: happyfan08 | September 5, 2009

KLPGA: KB Star Tour #2 Rd 2

The birdies flew in round two.  Top stars Hee Kyung Seo and So Yeon Ryu made big runs up the leaderboard, but first round lead Min Ji Song was not budging an inch.  Who would have the lead by the end of the day?

Ryu tried her best to knock Song off her pins.  The league’s top player started with four birdies in her first five holes to make a statement right from the get go.  She would wind up shooting a blistering 7 under par 66 to vault to 10 under par total.  Pretty great, but not quite enough.

So Yeon Ryu

So Yeon Ryu

Hee Kyung Seo, the league’s second ranked player, did nearly as well.  Her round had six birdies and a bogey for a 68 that moved her to 9 under total.  Both giants are right in the hunt, but neither was in the lead.

Another great player, third ranked Sun Ju Ahn, kept pace with the fireworks.  She shot her own 68, moving her to 10 under total.  But she wasn’t in the lead at the end of the day, either.

Sun Ju Ahn

Sun Ju Ahn

No, the leader after round 2 was the same player who led after round one: Min Ji Song.  Song had six birdies on the day but no errors, and shot a 6 under par 67 for the second straight day to move to 12 under total.  So, she has the lead, but just two shots ahead of Ahn and Ryu and just 3 shots over Seo.  That is quite an intimidating array of talent breathing down her neck.

Min Ji Song

Min Ji Song

One more day to go.  Will Song be singing a happy tune by the end of Sunday’s round, or will one of the usual suspects be holding the trophy?

1. Min Ji Song 67-67 -12
2. Sun Ju Ahn 68-68 -10
Bo Bae Kim 71-65 -10
So Yeon Ryu 70-66 -10
5. Sul Ah Yoon 69-68 -9
Jung Eun Lee 5 70-67 -9
Hee Kyung Seo 69-68 -9

8. Shin Ae Ahn (R) 69-69 -8
11. Ha Neul Kim 70-70 -6
20. Hye In Lee 72-70 -4
Hyun Hee Moon 75-67 -4
Ji Na Lim 71-71 -4
Ran Hong 70-72 -4
Bo Kyung Kim 69-73 -4
30. Soo Young Moon 68-75 -3
37. Bobea Park 71-73 -2
Hye Youn Kim 72-72 -2
40. Bo Mee Lee 73-72 -1
Soo Jin Yang (R) 71-74 -1
47. He Yong Choi 75-71 Even
Young Ran Jo 72-74 Even
66. Seon Hwa Lee 2 (R) 72-76 +2
99. Aram Cho 73-81 +8


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