Posted by: happyfan08 | September 11, 2009

KLPGA: LG Electronics Women’s Open Rd 1

This week’s event on the KLPGA tour is the LG Electronics Women’s Open, which is contested from Friday, September 11 – Sunday September 13th.  With Sun Ju Ahn’s win last week, the race for top player on tour has developed into a three way battle between her, So Yeon Ryu and Hee Kyung Seo.  Who will take the next step forward in this battle?  Will it happen this week?

The leader after the first round is the relatively obscure player Eun Jong Shin.  She put together a tidy 4 under par 68, which consisted of five birdies versus a single bogey.

Eun Jong Shin

Eun Jong Shin

But the big action was happening just behind her.  Hee Kyung Seo shot a nice little 69 to put herself just a stroke out of the lead.  She also had five birdies but two bogies.


Hee Kyung Seo

Hee Kyung Seo

And just behind her at 70 was, among others, Sun Ju Ahn.  Ryu, meanwhile, had a decent start with an even par round and now sits just four shots out of the lead and three behind Seo.  It seems like the three top players are readying themselves for another battle on the weekend.

So Yeon Ryu and Sun Ju Ahn

So Yeon Ryu and Sun Ju Ahn

Meanwhile, the Rookie of the Year race is also heating up, and three of the top rookies are all tied after round one at even par: Soo Jin Yang, Shin Ae Ahn and Da Na Kang.  Yang is the leader in that race right now, but a win by any of these ladies could change that in a heartbeat.

Two more rounds to go!

1. Eun Jong Shin 68 -4
2. Bo Mi Suh 69 -3
Bobea Park 69 -3
Hee Kyung Seo 69 -3
Anna Oh 69 -3
Ji Na Lim 69 -3

7. Sun Ju Ahn 70 -2
11. Ran Hong 71 -1
16. Soo Jin Yang (R) 72 Even
So Yeon Ryu 72 Even
Da Na Kang (R) 72 Even
Seon Hwa Lee 2 (R) 72 Even
Shin Ae Ahn (R) 72 Even
Ha Neul Kim 72 Even
27. Hyun Hee Moon 73 +1
Bo Mee Lee 73 +1
40. Bo Kyung Kim 74 +2
He Yong Choi 74 +2
58. Young Ran Jo 75 +3
69. Hye In Lee 76 +4
Soo Young Moon 76 +4
Aram Cho 76 +4
100. Chae Ah Oh 80 +8


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