Posted by: happyfan08 | November 21, 2009

KLPGA: ADT-CAPS Championship Rd 2

Round 2 started with Ae Ri Pyun holding a four shot lead over several top players, including the Player of the Year Hee Kyung Seo.  Another superstar, So Yeon Ryu, was five shots back at 2 over.  At stake were several more year ending awards, including the scoring title and money list title.

So Yeon Ryu has had a great year.  She won four times and has made nearly 600 million won, a season that in most years would have given her the Player of the Year award easily.  But this year, Hee Kyung Seo was even stronger, and Ryu looked likely to win not even a single year ending award unless she beat Seo this week.  Well, her performance in round 2 didn’t make that easier.  She shot a 5 over par 77, with numerous bogies and double bogies littering her scorecard.  This plunged her down the leaderboard to a tie for 14th.  Granted, the conditions were tough, so perhaps she could count on Seo also struggling.

So Yeon Ryu

But Hee Kyung Seo had a great day, all things considered.  She did have three bogies, including one on the final hole, but had four birdies to actually finish under par for the day, one of the few on the course who pulled that off.  Her total was now even par.  Would it be good enough for the lead?

Hee Kyung Seo

Not quite.  Ae Ri Pyun did struggle on the front nine, falling to 1 over par after multiple bogies.  But she started making birdies after that, and eventually got back to 2 under par total with a 73.  She will go into the final round with a two shot lead over Seo, looking for the season capping win.

Ae Ri Pyun

One player made a huge move on Saturday, and that was Rookie of the Year runner up Soo Jin Yang.  Yang shot an unbelievable 68 which included 8 birdies.  How she pulled that off is difficult to comprehend, but this moved her all the way to 2 over total and solo third.  She is four shots back, but definitely a possible threat to take her first title.

One more round left in the 2009 KLPGA season!

1. Ae Ri Pyun 69-73 -2
2. Hee Kyung Seo 73-71 Even
3. Soo Jin Yang (R) 78-68 +2
Jung Eun Lee 5 73-73 +2
5. Eun Jung Shin 75-72 +3

6. Young Ran Jo 74-74 +4
9. Ran Hong 77-72 +5
12. Kyeong Bae 73-77 +6
14. Bo Kyung Kim 77-74 +7
Bobea Park 74-77 +7
So Yeon Ryu 74-77 +7
20. Ha Neul Kim 78-74 +8
25. Ji Na Lim 73-80 +9
31. Bo Mee Lee 78-76 +11
34. Hyun Hee Moon 79-77 +12
40. Shin Ae Ahn (R) 80-77 +13
Seon Hwa Lee 2 (R) 77-80 +13
46. Aram Cho 79-80 +15
49. HJ Choi 85-75 +16
56. He Yong Choi 81-80 +17
61. Hye In Lee 87-79 +22


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