Posted by: happyfan08 | December 4, 2009

2009 Kyoraku Cup Day 2

Faced with an almost insurmountable deficit as they started day 2 of the Kyoraku Cup, the Japanese team knew they would have to play fantastically just to save a little pride; beating the Koreans seemed almost out of the question.  Indeed, the home team did manage to beat the visitors on the day, and produced some memorable results in the process.  But in the end, there was little doubt what the outcome would be, and the expected did indeed come to pass, with Korea easily capturing the Cup for the first time in four years.

The day started promisingly for the Japanese squad.  It looked as though Jung Eun Lee would win the opening match until Yuri Fudoh made birdie to get the tie.  That got Korea within 4 points of the title, but that was still better than if Lee had won.  When Akiko Fukushima easily handled In Kyung Kim, 69-73, the inevitable was delayed a little longer.

Jung Eun Lee 5

The third match proved pivotal.  It pitted Japanese Captain Yuko Saito against KLPGA player Bo Mi Lee.  Lee had been one of only two Koreans to lose on day one, and had something to prove.  However, Saito climbed to an early lead, only to squander it with multiple bogies on the back nine.  Two down with two holes to play, Saito made eagle on the par 5 17th.  But Lee matched that with her own eagle, then matched birdies with Saito on 18 to win by two strokes.  Now Korea needed only 2 more points for the Cup.

Bo Mi Lee

KLPGA star So Yeon Ryu was positioned to claim the pivotal points, but she lost her match to Yukari Baba by a stroke.  So it fell to Bo Bae Song to deal the death blow.  For a second straight day she played Miho Koga, and for the second straight day she shot a 68 to claim the win.  The Cup was Korea’s once again, and Bo Bae, the player I suggested on Thursday might be Korea’s secret weapon, would go on to win the MVP award for the tournament.

Bo Bae Song

Too bad for Japan that their best efforts of the week were for nothing, for their two biggest superstars produced amazing wins in the next two matches.  Sun Young Yoo went down to Sakura Yokomine despite shooting a 69, when the Korean Killer, as she is known, shot a blistering 8 under 65 thanks to 10 birdies and two bogies.  Ai Miyazato, in the next group, did even better, firing a 64 to crush Eun Ah Lim by 7.  Shinobu Moromizato also won, beating Korea’s top gun Jiyai Shin by two shots in the final match.

Sun Young Yoo

Jiyai Shin

It was a fantastic week for the Koreans, with everyone except Eun Ah Lim and Sun Young Yoo contributing at least a point (and Yoo only played one match).  On day two, the LPGAers were the definite weak links, with only Eun Hee Ji winning her match.  Fortunately, that didn’t matter, as the JLPGA Koreans won two of three matches and the KLPGAers added wins by Hee Kyung Seo and Bo Mi Lee to  Jung Eun Lee’s tie.

Eun Hee Ji

Hee Kyung Seo

Good job, everyone; enjoy your off season!!


1 Tie Jung Eun Lee 5 72 1 Tie Yuri Fudoh 72 1
2 Loss In Kyung Kim 73 0 Win Akiko Fukushima 69 2
3 Win Bo Mi Lee 70 2 Loss Yuko Saito 72 0
4 Loss So Yeon Ryu 73 0 Win Yukari Baba 72 2
5 Win Bo Bae Song 68 2 Loss Miho Koga 70 0
6 Loss Sun Young Yoo 69 0 Win Momoko Ueda 65 2
7 Loss Eun Ah Lim 71 0 Win Ai Miyazato 64 2
8 Win Mi Jeong Jeon 71 2 Loss Sakura Yokomine 74 0
9 Win Hee Kyung Seo 71 2 Loss Chie Arimura 72 0
10 Win Eun Hee Ji 71 2 Loss Miki Saiki 75 0
11 Loss Na Yeon Choi 72 0 Win Ayako Uehara 71 2
12 Loss Jiyai Shin 73 0 Win Shinobu Moromizato 71 2
Round 1 Result Korea 20 Round 1 Japan 4  
Round 2 Result Korea 11 Round 2 Japan 13  
Total Korea 31 Total Japan 17  

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