Posted by: happyfan08 | December 16, 2009

Let the 2010 KLPGA Season begin!

I know what you must be thinking: the 2010 season?  Didn’t the 2009 season just end?  And isn’t it still December, 2009?

Well, yes, it’s true, but there’s a weird quirk in the KLPGA season.  Each year, they officially end the season with the ADT-CAPS Championship in late November, then, after the Pinx/Kyoraku Cup, hold their annual awards show.  However, there is one more event that is held in the calendar year: an event co-sanctioned by the Ladies Asian Tour.  That event is the Orient Ladies China Open.  Since the 2009 season has ended, it becomes the first event of the 2010 season, even though the second event of the season won’t be held until March.  Weird, huh?

Anyway, the China Open is upon us.  It is a three round event that will take place from December 17-19.  The event will be held at the Orient Golf and Country Club in China and will be played on a 6,508 yard track.  It will feature 40 invited members from the KLPGA, including all the top stars who are still members of the league in 2010.  Hee Kyung Seo and So Yeon Ryu are ready to renew their rivalry from 2009.  Also featured is LPGA superstar Yani Tseng, as well as a bunch of players from China, Thailand and Japan.

They already had a press conference in China to introduce Seo and Tseng to the press.

Top players in the field at the Orient China Ladies Open

Hee Kyung Seo meets the Chinese press

Besides this rivalry, it will be our first chance to see some of the rookies for 2010.  Included in the field are the top three players from the KLPGA’s developmental tour, the Dream Tour, making their rookie debuts.  They are 18 year old Yoon Ji Jo, 18 year old Sung Hyun Lee, and 19 year old Jimin Nam.  Will one of these ladies be next season’s Rookie of the Year?  Several top players from the Dream Tour have gone on to great KLPGA careers, including Sun Ju Ahn, Bo Mi Lee and Hye Youn Kim, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see these young rookies follow suit!

Yoon Ji Jo is a rookie this season

The defending champion is  He Yong Choi.  This was in fact the final event she won in the 2009 season, which saw her stall somewhat while she was surpassed by her longtime rival So Yeon Ryu, who won 4 events in 2009.  Choi is hopeful that she will be able to get herself back on track in 2010.

He Yong Choi

He Yong Choi

The action starts tomorrow!


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