Posted by: happyfan08 | September 15, 2010

2010 Met Life Korean Economy KLPGA Championship Rd 1

This week’s KLPGA event is the 32nd edition of the KLPGA Championship, the year’s second Major.  It is a four round event running from September 16 – 19th.  Several LPGA stars are making special appearances this week, but the most notable guests are Jiyai Shin and Na Yeon Choi, the top two ranked Korean golfers in the world.  They appeared in a press conference on Wednesday to publicize their presence at this week’s event.

Jiyai Shin and Na Yeon Choi

On Thursday, round one was played, and both of those superstars immediately made a big impact.  Shin shot a 6 under par 66 which included an eagle 2 on the very first hole she played, the par 4 1st.  This was good enough to give her a two shot lead right out of the gate.  When you give the greatest player of her generation a lead right away, be very afraid!

Jiyai Shin in round 1


Choi did quite well herself.  She shot a 4 under par 68 and sits tied for second at the moment with two other players.

The KLPGA’s top stars had mixed results on day one.  Last year’s runner up Hee Kyung Seo (this was the only Major she failed to win in 2009) would like nothing better than to win this event and re-establish her dominance on tour.  She has yet to win at all on the KLPGA tour in 2010.  But she shot a 3 over par 75 on day one and is tied for 62nd, nine shots out of the lead.

Hee Kyung Seo

So Yeon Ryu has won once this season, but is looking for her breakthrough Major victory.  She shot a 72 in round one and is tied for 21st.

Soo Jin Yang had a pretty good day on Thursday, shooting a 69, while recent winner Jung Eun Lee 5 shot a 70.

Three more rounds to go — will Shin keep up the pace?  Will Choi end up beating her?  Stay tuned!

Scores: (LPGA players in bold)
1. Jiyai Shin 66 -6
2. Na Yeon Choi 68 -4

Yoon Kyung Heo (R) 68 -4
Hye Youn Kim 68 -4
5. Soo Jin Yang 69 -3
Mi Rim Lee (R) 69 -3
Hyun Hwa Shim 69 -3
Bo Bae Kim 69 -3
Sun Young Park 69 -3

10. Jung Eun Lee 5 70 -2
16. Jin Joo Hong 71 -1
Ran Hong 71 -1
Hye Jung Choi 71 -1
21. Eun Hee Ji 72 Even
So Yeon Ryu 72 Even
Bo Mee Lee 72 Even
Soo Young Moon 72 Even
He Yong Choi 72 Even
Shin Ae Ahn 72 Even
32. Ji Na Lim 73 +1
Hye In Lee 73 +1
48. Hyun Hee Moon 74 +2
62. Ha Neul Kim 75 +3
Hee Kyung Seo 75 +3
Il Hee Lee 75 +3
77. Il Mi Chung 76 +4
Yoon Ji Cho (R) 76 +4
Kyeong Bae 76 +4
89. Ok Hee Ku 77 +5



  1. Hello Seoul Sisters –

    Thank you for this …

    Can you Blog & email the scores after all 4 rounds?

    I can not find daily scores, in English, of the KLPGA on the Internet … is their a website?

    Rick Schofield
    Port Ewen, NY

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