Posted by: happyfan08 | September 16, 2010

2010 Met Life Korean Economy KLPGA Championship Rd 2

Round 1 of this year’s KLPGA Championship ended with Korean golf superstar Jiyai Shin holding a 2 stroke lead.  In round 2, she did not play with nearly the same self assurance.  In fact, for much of her round, she was 1 over par.  She eventually made a single birdie, on the 14th hole, and finished her day where she started, at 6 under total.

Jiyai Shin in round 2

That gave her rival Na Yeon Choi a chance to make up ground.  Choi shot a 2 under par 70 to move to 6 under as well.  So now the top two players in the field are tied for the lead going into the weekend.

Na Yeon Choi in round 2

Right behind them at 5 under is rookie Yoon Kyung Heo, who shot a 71 on day two to move to 5 under total.  She has never won an event before, so expect that she will have a ton of pressure on her to hang with two of the biggest stars in Korean golf.

Na Yeon Choi and Yoon Kyung Heo

As for the top KLPGA stars, a few did well on day two and positioned themselves for the weekend.  So Yeon Ryu shot a 70 to move to 2 under, four shots back and still well in this.  Soo Jin Yang, the winner of the year’s first Major, the Korean Women’s Open, shot a 72 and is at 3 under total.

But Hee Kyung Seo continued to struggle, shooting a 73 to finish at 4 over par.  She made the cut, but winning will be a herculean task from 10 shots back.

Two more rounds to go!

1. Jiyai Shin 66-72 -6
Na Yeon Choi 68-70 -6

3. Yoon Kyung Heo (R) 68-71 -5
4. Hye Youn Kim 68-72 -4
5. Cha Young Kim 2 72-69 -3
So Young Kim 2 72-69 -3
Bo Bae Kim 69-72 -3
Soo Jin Yang 69-72 -3
Son Young Park 69-72 -3

10. Hye Jung Choi 71-71 -2
So Yeon Ryu 72-70 -2
15. He Yong Choi 73-70 -1
Ran Hong 71-72 -1
Jin Joo Hong 71-72 -1
22. Jung Eun Lee 5 70-74 Even
30. Eun Hee Ji 72-73 +1
Soo Young Moon 72-73 +1
Shin Ae Ahn 72-73 +1
39. Hyun Hee Moon 74-72 +2
Sung Ah Yim 74-72 +2
45. Bo Mee Lee 72-75 +3
55. Yoon Ji Cho (R) 76-72 +4
Hee Kyung Seo 75-73 +4
Il Hee Lee 75-73 +4
63. Ha Neul Kim 75-74 +5
Ji Na Lim 73-76 +5
72. Kyeong Bae 76-74 +6
Il Mi Chung 76-74 +6

81. Ok Hee Ku 77-75 +8


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