Posted by: happyfan08 | September 17, 2010

2010 Met Life Korean Economy KLPGA Championship Rd 3

Jiyai Shin, the greatest Korean star of this age, started the KLPGA Championship with a 66 that gave her a two shot lead.  But in the second round, she shot a lackluster 72, which allowed another big star, Na Yeon Choi, to catch her at the top.

Na Yeon Choi and Jiyai Shin in round 3

 In the third round on Saturday, it was Choi’s turn to struggle.  She had two birdies and two bogies for her own even par 72, which left her where she started the day, at 6 under.  Unfortunately for her, a lot of players around her were going lower, and by the end of the day she was tied for third with a bunch of other players.

Na Yeon Choi in round 3

Shin, meanwhile, had four birdies on her front nine to move to 10 under and a four shot lead.  Although she would not make another birdie after the 8th hole, she still finished the day with a three shot lead and looks mighty likely to win the tournament, barring some major heroics from her challengers.

Jiyai in round 3

In second place is Hye Youn Kim, who shot a 69 to move to 7 under.  Kim has won already once this year, and cannot be discounted.

Among those tied with Choi for third are So Yeon Ryu and Jin Joo Hong.  Hong has not had a particularly solid time since rejoining the KLPGA this season (she was on the LPGA for several years), but has won before and is certainly capable of doing so again.

Jin Joo Hong in round 3

Ryu, meanwhile, still seeks her first ever Major triumph.  It would be a fantastic achievement to do it by catching a player like Shin, but her third round 68 has at least given her a chance.

One more day to go.  Will Choi, Ryu, or someone else be able to make a run at Shin?  Or will the Final Round Queen waltz to another Major victory in Korea?

1. Jiyai Shin 66-72-68 -10
2. Hye Youn Kim 68-72-69 -7
3. Yoon Kyung Heo (R) 68-71-71 -6
Cha Young Kim 2 72-69-69 -6
Jin Joo Hong 71-72-67 -6
So Yeon Ryu 72-70-68 -6
So Young Kim 2 72-69-69 -6
Na Yeon Choi 68-70-72 -6

10. Jung Eun Lee 5 70-74-68 -4
12. Ran Hong 71-72-70 -3
Soo Jin Yang 69-72-72 -3
20. Eun Hee Ji 72-73-71 Even
24. Hye Jung Choi 71-71-75 +1
Shin Ae Ahn 72-73-72 +1
Soo Young Moon 72-73-72 +1
32. Hyun Hee Moon 74-72-72 +2
39. Il Hee Lee 75-73-71 +3
He Yong Choi 72-71-76 +3
48. Bo Mee Lee 72-75-74 +5
58. Sung Ah Yim 74-72-77 +7
Hee Kyung Seo 75-73-75 +7
62. Yoon Ji Cho (R) 76-72-79 +11


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