Posted by: happyfan08 | October 15, 2010

2010 Hite Cup Championship Rd 2

Round 2 of the KLPGA’s third Major of 2010 was a brutal affair.  If a player managed to keep her score anywhere around par she was bound to move seriously up the leaderboard.  Some of the biggest stars in the league had huge meltdowns.  When the day was over, the landscape for the event had changed significantly.

Exhibit 1: the top three players on the leaderboard in round 1 all suffered horrendously and plunged down the leaderboard.  Mi Jeong Jeon is one of the top players on the Japanese tour, but on this day she shot an 82 to fall out of the top 20.  The other two leaders had equally horrific days: He Yong Choi shot a 79 and Hye Jung Choi an 85. 

Exhibit 2: meanwhile, Song Hee Kim, the top ranked player in the field, quietly asserted herself.  Her 2 under par 70 did not look so amazing at the start of the day, but by the end of the round, her Even par total found her moving all the way up to a tie for 4th, just two shots out of the lead.  She went from an also ran to a contender just like that.  Sun Young Yoo, another LPGA star, also shot a 70 to move to 1 over par.  Se Ri Pak only could manage a 74, but even that left her at 5 over, in 21st place, an improvement over yesterday, when she was around 50th.

Among the KLPGA players, defending champion Hee Kyung Seo had a major meltdown, shooting a 78, but somehow managed to rally just enough at the end to prevent a cataclysm.  She fell from tied for 4th to tied for 12th, but is still only 5 shots out of the lead and in decent position.  So Yeon Ryu is at even par after a 74, right in the thick of battle.

So Yeon Ryu tees off near a giant bottle of beer in round 2

Hee Kyung Seo in round 2

The leaders are currently two little known players, Hyun Min Pyun and Hyun Hwa Shim, both sitting at 2 under total.  Pyun shot a scintillating 69; if she keeps shooting rounds like that, she won’t be unknown for long!

Hyun Min Pyun in round 2

Hyun Hwa Shim

Two more rounds to go!

1. Hyun Min Pyun 73-69 -2
Hyun Hwa Shim 69-73 -2
3. Yoo Jin Ji 69-74
4. Song Hee Kim 74-70 Even
So Yeon Ryu 70-74 Even
Hye Youn Kim 70-74 Even

7. Sun Young Yoo 75-70 +1
10. Bo Mee Lee 71-75 +2
12. Yoon Ji Cho (R) 72-75 +3
Kyeong Bae 72-75 +3
Hee Kyung Seo 69-78 +3
He Yong Choi 68-79 +3
Jung Eun Lee 5 72-75 +3
18. Soo Yun Kang 74-74 +4
21. Soo Jin Yang 73-76 +5
Se Ri Pak 75-74 +5
30. Hyun Hee Moon 76-74 +6
Ha Neul Kim 72-78 +6
Mi Jeong Jeon 68-82 +6
38. Shin Ae Ahn 70-81 +7
Ji Na Lim 69-82 +7
53. Joo Mi Kim 76-77 +9
Jin Joo Hong 78-75 +9
Ran Hong 73-80 +9
Hye Jung Choi 68-85 +9
94. Ok Hee Ku 76-88 +20

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